Get Rid of Unsafe Wiring

It’s important to have safe wiring inside your Gardena home. There are older homes in the area that have older wiring and that can become dangerous. For example, there is a type of wiring known as Knob and Tube wiring that uses ceramic components. These wires were not meant to carry the kind of current that we use today to power our devices like air conditioners and appliances. Some homes do not have grounding like most modern homes and you see their two-pronged electrical sockets in the walls or they have older cloth-wrapped Romex or Aluminum wiring.

Experts in Home Rewiring

If that’s the case in your Gardena home then call My Gardena Electrician Hero. We are expert house rewire electricians who can show up to your home and do a complete home rewiring. We are the experts for residential wiring in Gardena, CA,¬†who know how to properly rewire a home so that you are not inconvenienced.

No Need to Shut Off the Power

For example, we move from room to room rather than trying to do the entire home at once. That means that you don’t have to have the power to your Gardena home turned off.

A complete house rewiring can take 1 to 3 weeks, and we don’t have to shut off the power or rip down the walls. We work one room at a time and we feed the new wires through small holes we drill in the walls. That way you can live comfortably while the work is done.

Bad Wiring is Dangerous Wiring

Having improper and older wiring in your home is dangerous. Knob and Tube wiring that gets damaged can become a fire hazard. Not having proper grounding means that electrical current could end up going straight through you and not where it’s supposed to go. It takes experts like our Gardena area electricians to get the job done right.

Affordable and Dependable

We are the number one licensed electrical contractor in Gardena, CA and have been for a long time. We get there on time, fast, and with an electrical contractor who is experienced in performing home rewiring safely and effectively.

Our rates are affordable and our expertise is legendary. Call us today for a full house rewiring estimate or emergency service. You’ll be amazed at our low prices and excellent customer service!